Electronics & Toys Product Photo Editing

Electronics & Toys Product Photo Editing

The electronics and toys retail segment can be a pretty hectic and fast-paced arena. Lots of businesses tend to carry large ranges of products in an attempt to have a sweeping appeal to the general target market. This is why going digital and selling online can be quite a hassle for many as taking product photos would be a major undertaking with the size of their inventories.

With a huge amount of items to photograph, digitizing businesses in this segment can be time-consuming. Maintaining it can also require a bit of effort, and without the right tricks up your sleeve, can also be costly.

 This is where electronics & toys product photo editing services can come in handy. It can be an excellent alternative to hiring photographers to do the work for you as it promises to be a more convenient and affordable option.

What is a Toy and Electronic Product Images Editing Service?

As its name suggests, a toy and electronic product photo editing service is a post-production photo manipulation service that is designed for toys and electronic products. It’s an odd pairing but since the kinds of items included in these categories can be similar in nature, some can even overlap, they’re often lumped together by service providers. In any case, they can handle toys and electronic products of different shapes and sizes.

Why is there a need to be specific about these categories? They’re actually not usually specialized as many traditional product photo editing services can handle them. What makes them notable, however, is the fact that they often come in bulk.

 As mentioned above, a lot of businesses that sell such products tend to have dozens of different products to offer. This allows them to have a wider market reach as the variety can draw customers in. This poses a challenge for them when generating product photos, however, since there are lots to take.

This is really where an electronic product images editing service for e-commerce comes in handy. By handling the tedious process of editing all of the product shots for you, you can cut down the time you’ll spend on the post-production process of your product photos so you can work on other areas of your business.

What are the Features of Toy and Electronics Photography Services

If you’re going to pay for toys and electronics photography editing services, you might want to know what kinds of photoshop magic will be done on your shots. Here are some of the examples you should expect to get:

Color and balance adjustments

Color correction, hue saturation, contrast balancing, and brightness adjustments are some of the most basic things necessary to enhance a photo. This is why these should also be expected from all kinds of photo manipulation services, including the ones for toys and electronics.

Shadow effects addition and placement

Product photos should always paint the items in the best possible way so they require some more oomph. This can be achieved by adding shadow effects and placing them at the right spots. These will help keep the products from looking flat and unnatural, amping up their attractiveness to buyers.

Background removal and replacement

Amateur product photos might not have the best backgrounds, especially if the setups are DIYed. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem since the right toy and electronic product images editing service will take care of the issue for you.

In most occasions, they can remove the background and replace it with a stark white one. However, if you have something else in mind to better achieve your business branding, providers may be able to accommodate requests. It’s all a matter of negotiating and working with the right people.

Product perfecting

When working with a lot of items, it’s not impossible to overlook certain details in them. After taking the shots, you might find some blemishes, smudges, dirt, or some other imperfections on the products. This won’t do if you want them to sell so editing them out is necessary.

Note, however, that this will not completely Photoshop your products into something they’re not. These will just enhance their features and get rid of the imperfections while staying true to your item.

Element removal and addition

If you were not able to take out a few items on the shot or you want to stitch different angles together, it’s also possible with a toy product photo editing service. This can further perfect the appearance of your product photo.

Resizing and re-scaling

Barrel distortion is a common ‘mistake’ a lot of amateur product photographers make. It’s considered as one in product photos because you’ll need to present your products as accurately as possible as a responsible seller. So any warping or distortion needs to be fixed.

 In most cases, resizing and re-scaling the products can do the trick. Experienced editors can do this with ease.

Why Hire an Electronics and Toy Photo Editing Service

In case you still need further convincing in giving electronics and toy product retouching services a shot, these compelling reasons might do the trick:

Minute details can be handled without a hitch by the right experts.

Toys and electronics products can have small details that are easy to overlook if you’re not familiar with how to deal with them. In some products, they’re highly consequential so missing out on them is a bad thing.

By working with the best toy photo editing service for Amazon, or any other eCommerce service, really, you can be sure that they will know which details to pay attention to.

Such services can be more affordable than booking several photography sessions.

Kids & toys product photo editing services are comparatively more affordable than hiring photographers to take your products’ photos. This is particularly true if you have a large inventory and you constantly get new stuff to further expand your collection.

With a high number of items to photograph, you might need to book several photo shoot sessions which can cost a lot. These services usually have limits on the number of items they’ll shoot so the prices can get quite steep. However, by taking your own photos, even if they’re not the best, as long as they meet the requirements of the post-production agency, you can still expect great output.

Faster turnaround times.

The best electronics and toy photo editing service also promise quick turnaround times. This will be hard to achieve on your own if you’re not an expert in photoshop. Photography agencies also take a while to send edited photos back. So if you want a quick process that will also offer you a lot of flexibility, this post-production service can be a suitable option for you.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing an offshore image editing company to handle your editing tasks is a sensitive issue. We believe that we will provide quality works within a short time frame. Here are several reasons as to why you should select us.

Clipping Path

We are a multi clipping path firm that comprises of experienced professionals who offer quality services to clients. They include photo manipulation, editing and object extraction. Our charges are low compared to those of most of our competitors.

Photoshop Image Masking

Masking pictures are vital in image editing especially for calendars, product catalogs, magazines, photographs, brochures and posters for online stores. It is usually a strenuous and time-consuming activity if one is to achieve the desired results. Our staff uses unique tools and equipment that results in 100% customer satisfaction.

Image Retouching

We provide an affordable quality image retouching service. It is essential when a subject’s appearance in a photo is vague. Modified photos can increase a project’s visual appeal.

Ordinary Clipping Path

It is typical for shoes, accessories, jewelry, handbags and fashion clothing. A standard multi clipping path is drawn using a pen tool to detach a photo from the background. The service is pocket-friendly, and it is done by experienced professionals. It aids in clipping an old background of an image and using a new one. Through it, one can also cut a foreground object hence increasing other subjects’ visibility.

Portrait Retouching

We are renowned for our unique portrait and product retouching skills. Our firm offers a variety of these services ranging from skin retouch and portrait background modification. Portrait retouching is mostly a combination of color modification and beauty retouching.

Web-ready Pictures

We have an additional package of web-ready pictures for online shop owners. They have an 800*800 PX crop size which fulfills the photo size requirements of various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Square space, Shopify, and eBay.

Photo Background Removal

It is a photo editing service with the highest demand globally in e-commerce markets. We ensure that all your pictures fit in your e-commerce picture editing guideline by resizing, cropping, removing borders and image background. It turns it into a colored, transparent or pure white background.

Image Color Matching

Our expert image editors are capable of altering the size and color of a product according to your preference. It helps in saving your money and time.

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